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1. Name of the project -


project title self

employment of women

trough education and requali cation programme

training for complete knowledge of

pedicure - medical and esthetic pedicure

2. Short description of the aims and activities


Affirmation of women's entrepreneurship
Involvement in commercial and social activities
Finding sustainable solutions for coming out from transitional crisis
Creating conditions for self-employment through new knowledge and skills
Present goal – financial independence of each member of the association


That every women involved in this programme run her business through self-employment
That she works and earns and achieve financial independence
That she raises her personal and family standard
That she increases the number of satisfied people with financial relaxation
That she contributes to decrease of tensions and dissatisfaction


Gathers women who search for an exit from transitional poverty by active actions
Gathers members in the Association, connects member women and collects database
Provides donor support, prepares projects and manages project implementation
Organises education for jobs on demand in the market and follows up job starting
Cooperates with local self-government


Key activities are concentrated on the training programme strategy
Providing operating supplies for training
Selection of training models
Creating esthetic and hygienic environment in the premises
Breaks for a rest and concentration: hot and cold drinks


3. Starting date and duration of the project

STARTING – Training is held 5 days a week in small groups 3-4 trainees monitored by the educator. In one day, the training is attended by 9-12 trainees in three terms: 9h-12h, 12h-15h, 15h-18h. A term in a training is 4x45 minutes with 15 minutes break. Compulsory part includes 15 terms 4x45 minutes. Training segments that were not well understood may be repeated.

Certificates awarding is held after the dialog with a project evaluator.

STARTING DATE – Agreed with the educator.

PROGRAMME END – (for 34 trainees in the training) is 90 days from the starting date.

4. Place(s) where the project will be carried out

The project will be implemented in Belgrade in the business premises in Durmitorska St. in the Municipality of Savski venac. These premises are equipped for manicure and pedicure training, with chairs, tables, UV lamps, electrical files, desk lamps, sterilisers, paraffin wax melting pots, pedicure bowls, stools and compete material and chemicals for starting training.

5. Target group

This project is opened for all women from 17 to 60
- with preserved motor skill activities in their hands
- with predisposition to render this sort of service
- who think of the manicure and pedicure jobs as a joy not as a must do, and
- who does not have financial resources to achieve it



6. Geographic area where the project will have an impact

This project will be activated in all geographical territories where there is a need and interest for medical prevention, hygiene, care and beauty treatments.

7. Other potential donors that you are approaching for this project

Secured donor funds:

Donor of the business premises, president of the Association Gordana Stepanović.
Donor of complete equipment for training and starting set, the company Gordina d.o.o.
Possible donor funds:
Donors of good will, goodness and humanity.


1. Reasons and considerations that have led to the project proposal

We use the information obtained by the donor company Gordina d.o.o. that has been working profitable in manicure and pedicure education since 2010 with 700 trained women. The company is positioned on the market and is in contact with women from this target group.

Information were obtained from the communication with women who contacted the company during extremely unfavourable year of 2013.

Transition and reform were started and women were permanent losers. They were fired first and they were the first to lose their jobs. Their financial security was brutally destroyed in 2013. Firms in bankruptcy and they as the first on a firing list.

In order improve financial strength, women were ready to prequalify and gain knowledge that is in demand in the market. Many of them chose the manicure course.

Lack of financial resources discouraged them to fulfill their plans.

According to the records of donor company, only 78 trainees out of a total number of 174 interested trainees could finance the training from their own funds, which makes 45% (5% from their own financial resources while 40% borrowed the money), while 96 which is 55% postponed the training due to the lack of financial resources.

We invited the interested women who did not have money for the training to join us whether as members in the Association or sympathisers of the Association.

2. Problems it is going to solve

Need of unemployed women to get employed, to start their own business, to work and earn and provide financial wellbeing.

An unemployed woman is aware that she must gain additional knowledge and skills that are on demand in the market in order to provide employment.

Women are inventive, they feel in which job they could succeed and if this choice involves manicure technician or pedicure technician then they will fulfill their goal through high-quality training and earn for themselves.

3. Designated goals and chosen strategy

This training will be held by the well-known methodology of Education Centre Gordina d.o.o, which has been working since 2010 and have had for more than 700 well-trained trainees. The method of work with material and tools for pedicure, was taken from the manufacturer Medica International from Pakistan and Princes Nails from America. Imported tools assortment have quality certificates with European standard marking and they have health certificates for the use in the training.

The training is monitored by the instructor-educator and supervisor.

The training strategy includes innovation aspect – DONOR SET FOR INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE – and shows how to come to a targeted goal in an efficient manner, gain knowledge and skills and implement the idea of self-employment.

In their extensive working experience, the educators noticed that the trainees practice only on the training sessions since they do not have training material proposed for home practice, which they do not buy due to lack of financial resources. We try to secure the set for individual practice from donor funds and we calculated it in the project budget.

Practice set is an important component of business start for each trainee because each trainee makes contacts, identifies interested clients for manicure and pedicure services and disseminates information about her intention to practice this job professionally.

This information will be valuable since the trained manicure technician will get her first clients from that environment after she finishes course and she starts to work independently.


4. If applicable, describe the foreseen follow-up of the project

During the training, trainees will achieve contact with their close and broad neighbourhood – donor's set – inform others and disseminate information about their intention to render this service.

When they get their certificates they will be able to start working independently since they have already disseminated the information about their activity and identified the interested clients for manicure and pedicure service.

Manicure and pedicure technicians will set aside 25% of their earnings for investment in the work material and they continue to work with her own resources.

The sustainability percent from the previous analysis 81%.

5. Results (outcomes and outputs)

We will make and analysis of the training held by donor company Gordina d.o.o. for 2012 to define the training goal, feasibility and sustainability.

Information on names and surnames, personal numbers and telephone numbers of each of the group we will send on the donor's request.


1. Number of trainees – 143.

2. All trainees were women.

3. 3 trainees abandoned the training because they were not interested.

4. 18 trainees came from foreign countries to the traing (from Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Bosnia, Montenegro, Finland and Syria).

5. 3 foreign citizens in training (from Philippines, Zambia and Dominican Republic).

6. Roma women 3.

7. 20 trainees opened companies and entrepreneurship.

8. 25 gave up this business activity.

9. 77 trainees carry out this activity as their predominant activity.

10. 18 trainees carry out this activity as their additional activity.



Training for complete knowledge of manicure in uv gel
technique costs - 184 €
Training set cost - 85 €


1. The members' memberrship fees   4.210%

2. Trainees finansied from is own resources a part   5.576%

3. Founder of the Association the owner of the office

space in Belgrade, 14 Durmitorska St.donates a part

of office space, air -conditioned with video surveillance  8.406%

4. Gordina d.o.o.from Belgrade donates all equipment

specially made for manicure and pedicure trajning    6.197%

5. Amount requested from the donors    75.611%

                                                                        100 %


1. Operating supplles at the trainings    9.620%

2. Cost of instruments, defaults, repairs, replacamants  3.253%

3. Uniforms for training- repairs, replacements   2.677%

4. Printing costs-diploma, manuals, users guides   1.986%

5. Website                    1.704%

6. Donor s training set par trainee      16.280%

7. Salaries          38.021%

8. Bookkeeping       2.380%

9. Ofice operating cost, water,power,hygiene     2.690%

10. Feasibillity study -Project team-Supervisor     5.576%

11. Work methodology    1.210%

12. Surveillance          8.406%

13. Equipment         6.197%






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